Welcome to progsters .com

Progsters is an independent cooperative music and arts site.

A primary focus, as the same suggests, is progressive (rock) music, although “rock” is not the implied structure. Eclectic, electronic, experimental, world, fusions of all sorts, and especially aural imagery.
We are not  “mainstream music for the masses”.

The original progsters.com is Meri Music.
This was established in 1979 as a vehicle for Uku Meri and his bands and projects. It was on-board the internet since 1996, with the release of Uku Meri‘s first CD – Synthphonies. The original handful of Uku Meri‘s solo releases and also the earliest releases of The Creatures of Habit were under the Meri Music banner.
More information is on the Meri Music page.

Music as Art Radio

Music as Art, Art as Music

This website’s weekly “prog music” radio show, aired Saturday mornings 9 AM to 11:30 AM (US Eastern Time) on WGDR.ORG and broadcast on the airwaves on WGDR 91.1 FM Plainfield, VT and WGDH 91.7 Hardwick, VT,  since 2013. 
The last two episodes are available on-demand on www.wgdr.org/on-demand/.

Music as Art radio on WGDR 91.1 -with Uku Meri
Facebook page: facebook.com/musicasartradio
Radio Station page: wgdr.org/musicasart
WordPress: musicasartradio.wordpress.com
YouTube: youtube.com/user/musicasartradio


We have many albums, songs / works, projects / musicians / bands available for listening and purchasing (downloading).

They are separated into different Bandcamp pages.

progsters.bandcamp.com is the default page for bands/projects that do not have a dedicated page. This page includes Accolade and Up in the Air.

meriprogsters.bandcamp.com is the page for the Meri Progsters, Circuits Circus, Circuits and Skins, and Circuits and Strings.

thecreaturesofhabit1.bandcamp.com is the page for The Creatures of Habit. This NYC band has been ongoing since 1988, or since 1979 when it was called Accolade.

xponentialpotential.bandcamp.com is the page for prog/fusion Xponential Potential (Xpo).

ukumeri.bandcamp.com is the page for Uku Meri (as a solo artist). Most everything on this site has Uku’s involvement.

Artists and Projects

This site has dedicated pages for the artists and projects. 
All have (or will have) material on BandCamp. 

Uku Meri – multi-instrumentalist, synthesizers, etc.

The Creatures of Habit – NYC based prog fusion band, with core members and a revolving cast of contributing musicians.  (1988-present) Of note, this band has a YouTube channel / page at youtube.com/user/creaturesofhabitband.
Facebook page:  facebook.com/progsters

Xponential Potential – Vermont based prog music band. (late 2010s to present). Facebook page:  facebook.com/XpoRock

Meri Progsters – Uku Meri in “rock” band formation, sometimes with help from others.

Accolade – NYC prog rock band, predecessor to The Creatures of Habit. (1979-1983)

Up in the Air – side project of The Creatures of Habit.

Access to Strangers – NYC goth rock band (my involvement was 1985-1988 and 2010-2012), who were also known as The Workers.

Circuits Circus – VT recording band comprising synthesists Jake Lions and Uku Meri. (2017-present)

Circuits and Skins, Circuits and Strings, and other related Circuits were VT duo performance or recording bands. (late 2010s to present)

The Odd Wednesdays – VT performing band. (2014-2017)
Of note, a T.O.W. YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz-z2T5JVaEUzQ3ZIoyKK2A

MLK (Meri Lucey Klaastad) – NYC prog rock improv band (1978-1985).

Human Sushi – NYC prog wave funk band (1984-1987)


Independent, unique, progressive music