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Welcome to my website.

Music has always been in my bloodline, and my angle has been the creation and exploration of how textures, rhythms, melodies, dynamics, and sounds can be melded.

I am not a traditionalist, nor am I seeking outright commercial success. I create music because I need to, as I hear things that need to be created, and improvise to stimuli (sounds, other musicians, metaphysical things, whatever). I have been exposed to all sorts of music, an Estonian American born and raised in New York City with the melting pot world of music surrounding me.

My chances at the magical/mystical “big recording contract” have passed a long time ago, so I have missed out on being the big rock star (although, given different circumstances – I have no doubt I would have done well).

That being said, I have never stopped being a creator, composer, and musician. I recently retired from my “day $ gig” to resume being an immersed music person.

(On a side note, I have been hosting, engineering, producing, and DJ’ing a weekly Saturday morning prog music radio show since January 2014 named “Music as Art Radio” on WGDR-FM 91.1 (streamed on

I choose to do music on my own terms. On this site I have so many different projects and bands that I have been involved with, as well as my solo projects. Many of these are available for listening and for purchase, as detailed throughout the site.

I hope you enjoy some of it.


Albums can be heard and purchased on


My first solo CD released in 1996. (I had released some of this as a cassette released named “Seeing Eye Dogs” in 1984.)

This did make some subtle waves, just like the cover, back in its day. It was‘s Classical CD of the month. That made me proud, as I am playing acoustic and sampled piano throughout the album. The original title was Piano Synthphonies.

I have some first pressings (Made in Canada) available, autograph optional – if you’re interested.

Fabric of Space

Fabric of Space has been the resounding favorite of my solo synthesizer works.

Other synthesizer albums:

Listen, Like, and Buy (if you Like) on


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