Surely a music web site must have music,

Progsters artists and projects have plenty of music available on Bandcamp and YouTube.
Full disclosure: Everything on this site has Uku Meri’s involvement.

Uku Meri is the page for Uku Meri (as a solo artist, more often keyboards and synthesizers).
The Meri Progsters are the rock arrangements.

Everything on this site has Uku’s involvement.

The Creatures of Habit – the page for The Creatures of Habit. This NYC band has been ongoing since 1988 (or since 1979 when it was called Accolade, and later Up in the Air and Apple Pi).

YouTube channel:

Xponential Potential (Xpo) – the page for the prog/fusion Xponential Potential (Xpo).
Xp2 was the latest derivation.

bands and projects (that do not have a dedicated page).

This page includes Accolade, Apple Pi, Up in the Air. Access to Strangers, Circuits Circus,
Circuits Crossed, Circuits and Skins, and Circuits and Strings.

Uku Meri plays live, not on the web, performances around central Vermont at the (John Lackard) Blues Jams twice a month at Bent Nails Bistro, Montpelier Vermont, often on various Thursdays.
Yes, the blues!

Music as Art Radio

Progressive music radio, live on the air on WGDR-FM 91.1 and WGDH-FM 91.7 and streaming from WGDR.ORG every Saturday morning 9 AM – noon Eastern Time (Vermont). Last two shows available On-Demand at WGDR.ORG.


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