Xponential Potential

(Xpo, Xp2)

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Xponential Potential (Xpo)– Vermont based prog fusion rock music band (late 2010s to present).

There have been several incarnations. Essentially the Xpo projects have been Uku Meri – keyboards and Roger Hill – drums with bass or electric guitarists.

The latest incarnation – Xp2 – lasted only for the summer of 2021, with the addition of two guitarists – Jeff Melin and Chris Brownell.

The original band featured Uku Meri (keyboards) and John Wakefield (basses). Roger Hill (drums) joined to solidify the group. After John left, several bassists and guitarists have passed through…

Five Xp2 albums released in 2021:

Nine Xpo albums released in the late 2010s:

Hear Xpo, Like Xpo, Buy Xpo – xponentialpotential.bandcamp.com
Facebook page:  facebook.com/XpoRock

What’s with the name?
Uku Meri was with a band named Access to Strangers (late 1980s, 2008-2012). The band had a song titled “Exponential Potential” – ExPo for short. The verses of the song never included this phrase – most folks could assume it was “Horus Avenger” from the repeated chorus.
For the reincarnation of the title (you’d need to check the lyrics to see how perfect this is), the first “E” has been dropped for this newer project.
You can listen to, and purchase, recordings from Access to Strangers on another one of our tentacle bandcamp sites: https://progsters.bandcamp.com/


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