Meri Progsters

There are several distinctions of Meri Progsters.
One might suggest that most everything on this site could be inclusive, except the strictly solo, not-rock music.

One distinction is the overall blanket of Uku Meri involved projects, including but not exclusive to the Circuits and (Circus, Skins, Strings, Things) which tend to be duets with other musicians.

Music available on Bandcamp:

The other is Uku Meri’s “band” renderings, the multiple-track band-simulations that sometimes involve other musicians, and sometimes not.

A hybrid album that fits this bill is The Meri Progsters – Human Sushi.

Some of the 15 tracks were developed with a band (Human Sushi), but were either missing a whole band – or only had some guesting on tracks by bandmates or others. For example, Uku Meri is playing drums and/or drum machines on more than half the tracks as well as playing other instruments. Some tracks were entirely done by Uku Meri. This album has vocals!

A different approach is that of Meri Progsters – Rock Syn the Head.

This album was entirely done by Uku Meri on synthesizers, but it has the rock band feel to it – with drums and bass. (Instrumental album)


Independent, unique, progressive music

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