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Uku Meri – multi-instrumentalist, synthesizers, etc.

The Creatures of Habit – NYC based prog fusion band, with core members and a revolving cast of contributing musicians.  (1988-present) Of note, this band has a YouTube channel / page at
Facebook page:

Xponential Potential – Vermont based prog music band. (late 2010s to present). Facebook page:

Meri Progsters – Uku Meri in “rock” band formation, sometimes with help from others.

Accolade – NYC prog rock band, predecessor to The Creatures of Habit. (1979-1983)

Up in the Air – side project of The Creatures of Habit.

Access to Strangers – NYC goth rock band (my involvement was 1985-1988 and 2010-2012), who were also known as The Workers.

Circuits Circus – VT recording band comprising synthesists Jake Lyons and Uku Meri. (2017-present)

Circuits and Skins, Circuits and Strings, and other related Circuits were VT duo performance or recording bands. (late 2010s to present)

The Odd Wednesdays – VT performing band. (2014-2017)
Of note, a T.O.W. YouTube channel at

MLK (Meri Lucey Klaastad) – NYC prog rock improv band (1978-1985).

Human Sushi – NYC prog wave funk band (1984-1987)


Independent, unique, progressive music

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